Sep 9, 2013

Our Chicken Coop {A Video Tour}

If you follow us on Facebook you may already know that Hubz went into the garden last week and picked me a front row ticket to tomato-palooza...

In all honesty, he was the one with the front row seat.  I was practically running the show.  :) 

To get down to the point of this post.  I'm tired of tomatoes.  I've seen enough canning jars and water bath canners for a while.  I want to look at something else, indulge in something else, enjoy something else. 

Enter, chickens. 

I've been wanting to do this for a while and we finally took the time to get it done.  Here's a little video tour of our chicken coop.    We're not pros; we're not video production specialists, but here's what it would be like if you were taking a tour on our little homestead.

I have a few more videos up my sleeve which have been fun to tape.  A little more fun than peeling tomatoes and cutting corn and breaking beans and shredding cabbage....   Don't get me wrong.  We are truly blessed to be knee deep in tomatoes and other veggies around here, but it gets old. 

Anywho...I hope you enjoy the video.   Maybe it will be a nice break away from your own tomato-palooza.

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