Jun 25, 2014

Country Living Magazine for only $5.99!

Head over to Discount Mags and pay just $5.99 for a one-year subscription to Country Living Magazine!  That's 84% off the cover price and 59¢ per issue (what a deal!).

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Act fast though because this sale is only good on Thursday, June 26. 

May 22, 2014

How to Break Spaghetti Noodles {Kitchen Tip}

I've gone over and over in my head how to explain this little tip in words, but it's always too complicated so I just did a quick little video instead.

This is the best way to break up spaghetti noodles for a casserole or soup without having them fly all over the place and make a mess.  It's very quick and easy too.

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May 16, 2014

Online Deals and Steals {Watering the Garden}

We've had a few rainy days of late, but I know those 2 inches will dry up and soon enough it will be time to water those veggies.  We won't waste water on the lawn, but we sure as heckfire water that garden!  Doesn't hurt to prepare now so we'll be ready come July.

Not sure if I should confess this or not, but...

Hubz recently dumpster dove this very hose reel cart.  It was beat up and has a little rust, but he was able to bring it back to working order and now I need another idea for a Father's Day gift.  :)  I posted a pic of his dumpster dive on our Facebook page if you're interested in seeing it.  Amazon has a lot of hose reel carts available.  I thought this one was the best deal, overall.

$93.03 + FREE shipping
36% savings

We've used spray nozzles with different patterns and we've used watering wands before, but this product is kind of a neat combination of the two.  It comes with 8 different spray patterns and in three cool colors.

$11.25 + free shipping (on $35+ order)
35% savings

Last summer we made our own soaker hose that didn't cost us a dime.  I encourage you to try that, if possible.  If you're not able to, here is a good deal on a 50-foot soaker hose.

$16.61 + free shipping (on $35+ order)
55% savings

We use an old watering can similar to this one that we got at a flea market many moons ago.  I love this style watering can.  They are easy to use, age well and can carry quite a bit of water.

Behrens 3-Gallon Steel Watering Can
38% savings

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May 15, 2014

Best Way to Plant Tomatoes - Trenching

A few years ago at a gardening show we were talking with a Master Gardener through the Purdue University Extension Office.  We had just had a bad bout of blossom end rot and I wanted to talk to him about planting and tending tomatoes in the garden.

He said that we should trench our tomatoes for the best harvest, and, while doing so, add crushed eggshell for added calcium and Epsom salt for additional magnesium - a few tablespoons of each.

Boy, was he right!  We've planted our tomatoes that way ever since and haven't looked back.

May 13, 2014

Get 15% Cash Back When You Shop On-Line

This week Ebates is celebrating their 15-year anniversary by offering 15% cash back at over 100 stores. If you're not familiar with Ebates, check them out!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

By signing up you'll get your choice of a $10 gift card and then when you use Ebates to shop on-line you'll receive cash back on your purchases.

It doesn't cost you a thing to join or use Ebates and it really works.  You can choose to get your cash back check via Paypal or get an actual check mailed to you like I do.  Here's a picture of my most recent check - not a really big one this quarter, but every bit counts!


If you're already an Ebates member, be sure and check out the super cash back specials they're running this week.

We need a few things from Lowe's for the backyard.  I'm thinking I'll use Ebates to place my order on-line and then make my way down to the store and pick everything up.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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May 9, 2014

How to Protect Seedlings from Rabbits

If you live anywhere near the country or wildlife AND have a vegetable garden, rabbits are possibly a problem for you.  For me, rabbits most often attack my cabbage seedlings.  It is amazing how quickly they can strip a cabbage plant of all leaves, leaving just the stem.

Luckily, for me, the plants usually recover, but they have so much growth to make up for it seems to take forever for the cabbage head to mature. I get so mad when I have babied my seedlings all winter just to have them turned into rabbit fodder, seemingly, overnight.